Bob and Barb

Everyone loves an old-fashioned
Tea Party.
The Friendship Tea House is a culmination of everything we have ever invested ourselves into over the years. The tea party atmosphere is inviting, quaint, joyful, elegant, fun, beautiful, and relaxing. It was created to be a meeting place where girlfriends between ages 4 and 104 can play and make special memories.
For the past 34 years, I have served and loved people as an elementary teacher and as a motivational/inspirational speaker in South Dakota and more recently in New Mexico. After moving to Alamogordo ten years ago, leaving family and friends behind, my life was dramatically changed. Needing to do something that I loved and valued was my motivation for creating a fun place for people to celebrate birthdays and special events while making memories with their friends and family.
My daughter died a tragic death and never got to celebrate a birthday. From that experience, I place a high value on life and believe that everyone is unique, special in their own way, and deserves to live and be loved. The Playroom I created in the Friendship Tea House is in loving memory of my daughter, Johanna Kathryn, precious gift of God. Children love this room and I love that it's their favorite room in the house.
My husband Bob and I both have gifts of hospitality and serving. We are a partnership who have lovingly transformed this sweet neglected house into a beautiful happy house where people can come and visit, play, and pour themselves a memory.

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Friendship Tea House

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